How To Test Your Ping Time In PC Games

One of the most frustrating things that I have faced as a gamer is lag. Lag sucks. It is the worst thing that can happen to a gamer. While you might have a good network connection and your gaming set up is all good, there is always a need for checking ping when playing PC games. This is not just good practice. It is must-do for a good gaming experience.

Your ping time plays a major role in your winning or losing a game. When you know your ping and how you can optimize it, you can be super confident of playing a high-end multiplayer game and winning it.

Test Your Ping Time In PC Games

In this article, I’ll cover the basics of real-time optimization for your PC game. However, before getting into that, let me just briefly explain to you what exactly is ping.

What is Ping?

In the gaming world, ping usually means latency. It is used for measuring the time data needs to travel from your computer to a central server and back. The unit for referring to ping is ms or milliseconds.

How to check ping?

There are two ways to go about this. Here they are:

1. Ping the game server

One of the common ways to check latency or perform a ping test is to ping the game server. For the sake of explanation, I’m taking the example of League of Legends servers. There is a simple method to follow to ping LOL servers. First, you need to open the command prompt. Run a ping command to the server you wish to check.

  • For NA, type: ping -t
  • For EUW, type: ping -t
  • For EUNE, type: ping -t
  • For OCE, type: ping -t
  • For LAN, type: ping -t

With these commands, you will have an approximation of your in-game ping.

How to check ping

2. Use online Ping Checkers

If you are not comfortable using the cmd prompt option, you can always opt for a simpler method to test your game pings. For League of Legends, you can check out this LOL ping checker. It is a tool which give you ping results from the game servers closest to you. The results you get from this ping tests are surprisingly accurate most of the time. This is a really good option for checking your ping time and improving your overall gaming experience in LOL. There are other tools which help you check ping games for other games. You can find these tools with a simple google search.

Whether you choose the cmd method or online ping checkers, knowing the ping time of your game servers is crucial for getting a better gaming experience. If you want to check the ping time of League of Legends, make sure to check out the free tool mentioned in the article.