How Many Champions are in League of Legends?

League of Legends is one of the most fascinating online multiplayer games out there. The reason League of Legends owns so many games is that it has been designed in a manner that the game is a seamless combination of RPG (Role-playing game) and RTS (real-time strategy) gameplay.

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Before we learn about how many champions there are in a complicated game like League of Legends, it is extremely important to understand why there are so many champions in the first place. League of Legends is complex in every sense of the word. The only way you’re going to do even decently well is if you have carefully thought everything and have a strategic, calculated approach to the game.

The way League of Legends works is, at the start of each game, players will pick a champion that is best suited for that particular round. This champion is aligned with their short-term and their long term goals in the game. There is a wide variety of champions to pick from for each round. They vary from stone cold assassins to gallant warriors and there’s some others too, like a tree or even a dragon that can shape shift!

Wondering how many champions are there in League of Legends then? The answer is 148 different champions with varied abilities. It’s not just that the game has a lot of champions, League of Legends also has a large selection of heroes to choose from. With all the champions, their abilities to play in multiple positions and roles, the combinations are quite literally infinite in nature. While a lot of champions’ matchups have already been played, Riot games are always adding more exciting champions to the game.

148 Champions are broadly classified into 5 major categories and each legend falls into one of these categories.

  1. Assassins
  2. Brawlers
  3. Mages
  4. Tanks
  5. Marksmen

As you delve deeper into exploring each of these classes, the sheer variety of champions that exists in this beautifully layered game will blow your mind away.

How many champions are Assassins in League of Legends?

The Assassin has a very important task. It has to cause as much damage to the opponent, and preferably take out the other teams champion before falling back to safety. Assassins are the smallest category by number of champions. They range from the super obvious ones like Shaco to mystical and borderline killers like Qiyana. However, each Assassin is extremely adept and if used well, can be instrumental in helping your team win.

Here’s a list of all the League of Legends champions that are Assassins:

  1. Akali
  2. Diana
  3. Elise
  4. Evelynn
  5. Fizz
  6. Kassadin
  7. Katarina
  8. Kayn
  9. Kha’Zix
  10. LeBlanc
  11. Master Yi
  12. Nidalee
  13. Nocturne
  14. Pyke
  15. Qiyana
  16. Quinn
  17. Rengar
  18. Shaco
  19. Talon
  20. Zed

How many champions are Brawlers or Fighters in League of Legends?

LoL has about 34 brawlers in the game. Brawlers can cause a lot of damage to the opponent, but more importantly, they can also withstand a lot of damage. If you compare Assassins to Brawlers, Assassins are easy to kill, as they cannot deal with bearing damage or partake in defensive duties. These responsibilities are best left in the hands of Brawlers.

Here’s a list of all the League of Legends champions that are Brawlers:

  1. Aatrox
  2. Camille
  3. Darius
  4. Ekko
  5. Fiora
  6. Gangplank
  7. Gnar
  8. Hecarim
  9. Illaoi
  10. Irelia
  11. Jarvan IV
  12. Jax
  13. Jayce
  14. Kled
  15. Lee Sin
  16. Nasus
  17. Olaf
  18. Pantheon
  19. Rek’Sai
  20. Renekton
  21. Riven
  22. Sett
  23. Shyvana
  24. Trundle
  25. Tryndamere
  26. Udyr
  27. Urgot
  28. Vi
  29. Volibear
  30. Warwick
  31. Wukong
  32. Xin Zhao
  33. Yasuo
  34. Yorick

How many champions are Mages in League of Legends?

There’s a lot of Mage champions in LoL. 43 to be precise. A clear distinction between damage-dealing mages and supporting mages is lacking in the game. Mages largely use their magical abilities to swing the battle in their favor. This is why it’s a lot simpler to classify all the champions in one broad category.

Here’s a list of all the League of Legends champions that are Mages:

  1. Ahri
  2. Anivia
  3. Annie
  4. Aurelion Sol
  5. Azir
  6. Bard
  7. Brand
  8. Cassiopeia
  9. Fiddlesticks
  10. Heimerdinger
  11. Ivern
  12. Janna
  13. Karma
  14. Karthus
  15. Kennen
  16. Lissandra
  17. Lulu
  18. Lux
  19. Malzahar
  20. Mordekaiser
  21. Morgana
  22. Nami
  23. Neeko
  24. Orianna
  25. Rumble
  26. Ryze
  27. Sona
  28. Soraka
  29. Swain
  30. Sylas
  31. Syndra
  32. Taliyah
  33. Twisted Fate
  34. Veigar

How many champions are Tanks in League of Legends?

There’s currently 27 tanks in League of Legends. Their abilities are extremely critical when it comes to being able to soak up damage, when it comes to crowd control and being able to cause mass damage through their damage dealing abilities. Many tanks get stronger as they scale in the game and that is reflected in their armor or max health.

Here’s a list of all the League of Legends champions that are Tanks

  1. Alistar
  2. Amumu
  3. Blitzcrank
  4. Braum
  5. Cho’Gath
  6. Mundo
  7. Galio
  8. Garen
  9. Gragas
  10. Leona
  11. Malphite
  12. Maokai
  13. Nautilus
  14. Nunu & Willump
  15. Ornn
  16. Poppy
  17. Rakan
  18. Rammus
  19. Sejuani
  20. Shen
  21. Singed
  22. Sion
  23. Skarner
  24. Tahm Kench
  25. Taric
  26. Thresh
  27. Zac

How many champions are Marksmen in League of Legends?

There are 24 champion Marksmen in LOL. Marksmen have a specific responsibility in the game that you must use them for. They should largely be brought into the game in the latter stages. They should ideally be used to collect as much gold as possible, to ensure your team wins. Marksmen, like Assassins, are capable of inflicting a lot of damage very quickly. However, they can only cause this damage from a distance. The challenge here is that just like Assassins, Marksmen are glass cannons and can be killed just as easily. To make them more damage resilient, use sustain items and life steal for Marksmen and even Assassins for that matter.

Here’s a list of all the League of Legends champions that are Marksmen:

  1. Aphelios
  2. Ashe
  3. Caitlyn
  4. Corki
  5. Draven
  6. Ezreal
  7. Graves
  8. Jhin
  9. Jinx
  10. Kai’Sa
  11. Kalista
  12. Kayle
  13. Kindred
  14. Kog’Maw
  15. Lucian
  16. Miss Fortune
  17. Senna
  18. Sivir
  19. Teemo
  20. Tristana
  21. Twitch
  22. Varus
  23. Vayne
  24. Xayah

This is a list of all the champions in League of Legends and a few ideas on how you could use them to help your team win. So use these suggestions to have fun playing LOL with your friends and family. Keep an eye out for all the exciting champions that Riot will add to the game in the near future.

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